Jackson Five

Second shield starts

Second session

At the start of the session Jay found himself in Jail for grave robbing, Thok had one on a religous quest and the others remained at the Green Barwench attempting to figure out how to get their friend Jay out of jail. The first step in their path towards this was to figure out the punishment in this realm for grave robbing. Once they discovered that it was the lose of the offenders hand a plan was hatched to go to trial with Corline in tow in order to prove that instead of robbing a tomb they were searching someones basement for hire.
p. Gargamel, the bard and the dragon born went to Corline’s resident and discovered that she was not currently in residence. After finding a key to her house under a mat a new plan was hatched in which Gargamel was discussed as a dwarf in order to trick the magistrate into believing that Corline’s house was the parties house. Unfortunately for party more then just a key is needed to prove ownership of property. The magistrate was also able to see through Gargamel’s disguise. With all these facts in mind the magistrate took Gargamel and Jay into custody this time accusing them of murdering Corline and taking her house, a capital offense.
p. At this point the party was split Jay and Gargamel were wasting away in a holding cell waiting for their trial which was a week away while the bard and dragon born were working to get them out. This unlikely duo decides to ask around at the Green Barwench to see if anyone knew where she went. It turned out that Corline had set up a expedition to a ruinous castle a day and a half out of town. The unlikely duo decides to head out on a expedition to this castle find Corline to prove she is not murdered. While this is happening Jay and Gargamel are called into the magistrates office to tell their stories.At the end of this process Gargamel has identified his two friends and told the magistrate where they are staying. Jay, on the other hand gets out of Jail with a five gold fine. Jay is also offered a 75 gold plus the promise of an award if he finds and turns in his friends which he refuses.
p. The unlikely duo gets out of town just before the guards descend and start their journey which is mostly uneventful except for a simple fight against a giant fire beetle during which they put the beetle asleep and walk away. While this was happening Jay went to the Green Barwench and recognized one of the guards from prison and playing a game of basketball with him. The next day he found out where his friends had gone, however, a gaurd over heard him and reported back to the magistrate. Jay flew and meant up with his friends at the entrance to the abandoned castle.

Meanwhile in the jail Gargamel got very drunk overnight and decided that he was going to break out. He attempted to knockout out one of the guards, however, he shocked himself in the chest knocking himself out and then was beaten to death dying in prison. The party entered the ruins and found Corline who was very angry about the gaurds having occupied her house. She agrees to go back and help get the parties friend out of jail if the party finds an artifact she is looking for in payment.


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